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Mojo was founded in 1996 to give downhill and suspension specific riders access to the best advice and equipment to suit their riding. In 1996 DH and full suspension riding was considered a weird little subgroup of the pastime of mountain biking - itself already a weird little subgroup of another pastime - cycling. Trying to get advice from shops more suited to deal with commuters and Christmas shoppers was a lost cause. If it wasn't made by Campagnolo or Colnago no-one wanted to help

At the time there were a few suspension bikes and forks out there doing the business, there were also upgrades too. At a time when everyone was selling suspension forks with elastomers as the spring medium Mojo was importing coil spring kits for the early forks. When most people considered full suspension abnormal, Mojo was fabricating and selling custom built, one off shock absorbers as aftermarket items - something no-one else has still managed to achieve to this day! Mojo imported a four inch travel triple clamp fork when Nico was still using Judys. Chainguides, upgrades, long travel forks, DH tyres, suspension servicing and tuning - all things we take for granted nowadays.

There are a lot of people offering some or all of these services and some of them may well have some good products. BUT (and this is a big `but'.) They don't have the best. Mojo have been at it longer than all the pretenders, we were the first and we are still the best, we also have the best roster of products - as you would expect from a company who were interested when no-one else was. There are no products on our roster that we don't respect, everything we have works better than all the rest - ipso facto buddy!!.That's enough trumpet blowing for now.



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